the muesli

Stockist of the muesli - fit for breakfast.

Frichot Fitness is proud to be a stockist of 'the muesli'.

"a muesli that satisfies you and your personal trainer."

About the muesli...
the muesli is an all natural premium blend of 5 Nuts, 4 Seeds, Oats & Coconut with the nuts and seeds making up 50% of the mix. It is also and most importantly 97% Sugar Free. It's the abundance of premium ingredients and this 'Sugar Free' message which sets the muesli apart from all the rest and makes the muesli truly unique.

Reasons to try the muesli:
  1. 97% Sugar Free - this is a message that people are really starting to look for and virtually no breakfast cereals/mueslis carry it or can boast it!
  2. Premium Blend - with 64% Nuts & Seeds & Coconut - the Oats (or in gluten free - puffed Australian amaranth & brown rice flakes) - at just 36%, where many of the others are bulked out with over 70% of the cheaper grains/cereals.

5 Nuts, 4 Seeds, Oats & Coconut

And that’s it. What you see is what you get. It’s the quality of natural, unprocessed ingredients that makes the muesli 100% fit for breakfast. It's 97% Sugar Free, tastes great and the combined protein, fibre and good fat in the muesli fill you up for longer. A small bowl should satisfy you until lunchtime. No more mid-morning ‘sugar lows’ that leave you craving ‘the muffin’.

27% Raw Nut Mix - Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, Hazelnuts and Brazil Nuts for an irresistibly delicious and healthy crunch.
23% Pumpkin, Sunflower, Linseed and Sesame Seeds - A tasty combination of essential minerals, fatty acids and fibre.
36% Rolled Oats - Many mueslis are over 70% oats. the muesli gives you more of the good stuff.
14% Shredded Coconut - Great tasting and a healthy source of digestible fuel.

Sizes available:

  • the 450g - $ 16.50
  • the 1kg - $ 24.50
  • the 5kg tub - $ 112.50

the gluten free

Still 50% nuts & seeds with the delicious coconut, we've simply replaced the oats with the freshest puffed rice & amaranth. the muesli gluten free is also naturally 96% Sugar Free with just 3.1g/100g.  Finally, the perfect choice for sufferers of Coeliac Disease and other gluten intolerant conditions, and sugar free - that's the difference.

Sizes available:

  • the 650g - $ 19.50
  • the 3kg tub - $ 87.50

Order the muesli

Simply place your order with Frichot Fitness and collect it at your next Personal Training or Group Training Session.

To purchase the muesli please email us.

For more information and nutrional values please visit the muesli website.

the muesli