Here is what some the Frichot Fitness clients are saying;

"I first met Rell at Jells Park for a group workout she organised for people doing the 12WBT program. The workout was hard but fun and Rell and the gals who came along were awesome. After going back for a few weeks I realised I was looking forward to the Saturday group workouts with Rell but w as struggling with exercising on my own during the week. Rell was great at working out what level of exercise I could do and knew when to challenge me even if I didn't beleive in myself.

I had limited time left in Melbourne as the family and I were going to be moving to the USA in a few months but I was not feeling confident with my fitness levels and being overweight. I soon realised I needed a personal trainer and as I trusted her, I asked Rell if she would be able to train me one-on-one a couple of times a week and help me come up with some achievable goals regarding my fitness. To my delight she agreed and I have not looked back! Rell has worked me hard with cardio and strength sessions, writing me a running program (even when I told her I could not run... today I ran 20min without stopping!!) and keeping me motivated and encouraging me every step of the way.

Rell believes in me which has helped me believe in myself. Rell works me very hard and makes me keep going even when I think I can't, because she knows I can! I feel fitter and stronger than I ever have been and am the lightest I have been in the last 15 years!! If anyone is looking for a PT who will make them work hard and get results then Rell is the PT for you... no regrets! I am proud to be Rell's first PT client, proud to be a Rells Runner and totally believe #inRellwetrust!"

Marianna Phillips

"Rell of Frichot Fitness has been my running coach, has offered internet based pt programs, and been my number one cheerleader and supporter as I have ventured from a brand new beginner runner to completing 6 fun runs in a little over 7 months. She has offered practical programs aimed at meeting my specific goals, but planned to reduce injury and increase my running duration at a sustainable level.

The evidence based programs from Frichot Fitness, teamed with her enthusiasm, and genuine excitement at seeing her clients achieve has taken me from a casual 2-3 km runner to completing 12km runs with goals of completing my first half marathon early next year.

As a client, it is exciting to have a trainer who "walks her talk". I have seen the passion with which Rell pursues her own fitness, and her continued commitment to increasing her industry knowledge. A gentle soul, Rell has a passion to see clients achieve, especially those new to fitness. She has a gift of encouraging clients to stretch beyond what they believe they can achieve with heartfelt encouragement and passion. Rell trains without scare tactics, but with the expectation that her client's will give her their best. Somehow she has a way of making them achieve that again and again. Rell has ignited my love of fitness - especially running! She has given me a gift."

Katharine Jones

"I first met Rell when I attended my first ever Group Personal Training Session held at Jells Park. I'd expressed my concerns about attending a training session with other people I had also never met, to Rell via email before I decided to go. Rell was very understanding and assured me that it would be lots of fun and a great workout. She was totally right and showing up that first day has been the best thing I have ever done for my health and fitness.

Since that first session, I've attended nearly all sessions with this group and have achieved things I would have never been able to do without her guidance. Rell also set me up with a great running program. 12 months prior, I'd been told by Sports Doctors that my aspirations of running again would only ever be that, aspirations. However, within 3 months of following her running program I completed 10km in the Melbourne Marathon in under 60 minutes, and it was the furthest I'd ever run in my life.

Rell's ability to determine how hard I can go in a training session is fantastic. Her belief in me pushes me further and makes me work harder in both one-on-one sessions and group sessions. She knows what I am capable of better than I do and thats why I get so much out of the sessions we have together. Rell is a great motivator and gets the very best out of me each and every time.

With her help I've lost over 22 kilograms, I placed 10th for my age-gender group in my first race (4.2km Run Brooks Spring into Shape), completed a 10km Race in the Melbourne Marathon in 57 minutes 50 seconds. I have set my sights on completing a half-marathon within the next 6 months with the help of Rell, her running programs and her training sessions."

Emily Figgis