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Rellsrunners came about early in 2011 when I was helping a few people on twitter by providing advice on how to improve their running.  I love running, and I love to see others get out there and learn to run, or improve their times or distances.  After a couple of people mentioned that they wanted to run their first half marathon, I kept saying that it’s important to follow a program, gradually increase the distance of their long run and to be consistent with their training.  After some conversations back and forth, I offered to write a program for Jess so that she could complete her first half marathon in April at Canberra Marathon Festival.  We emailed back and forth, answering some questions along the way and in a little over 12 weeks Jess ran her first half marathon.  In that time, others had also asked for some help with running and I was more than happy to offer the support. 

With a few people talking about the programs and support I offered, the hashtag #rellsrunners was introduced.  More and more people started to see that running was for anyone, it can be fun and if you slow down a little you can really start to enjoy improvements in time and distance.  They started to see people get excited about running, and the friendships that were building amongst #rellsrunners all across Australia, and even in England and the US!!

54 running programs later, and 2011 saw #rellsrunners all over Australia joining in for the online guidance, individual customised programs and support.  Using social media, as well as emails and face-to-face communication I offer ongoing support to anyone wanting to learn to run or even run their first marathon!

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How do I become a #rellsrunner

Simply email me at with your goals, whether that be to learn to run, to complete a certain race or distance. I will ask you for your running history, injuries and will discuss what type of program will suit you best.

You can also buy a #rellsrunners tshirt so that when you do compete in a race or get outside to run, you may come across fellow #rellsrunners who will show amazing support and encouragement. Even if you’re not in a major city or around a lot of other runners, wearing the tshirt will make you feel part of an amazing team that really values health and fitness, especially running.

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How long are the programs for?

Programs go for 12 weeks preferably, however if you have a shorter goal 6 week programs are also available

How much do the programs cost?

12 weeks = $120 or 6 weeks = $60

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Do I have to be able to run a certain distance?

No. You can be a total beginner to running, that’s the idea...I want as many people as possible to learn to run and to discover a passion for running. You don’t have to have ever run before. I also write programs for distances up to full marathon distance (42.2km).

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Find other #rellsrunners on Twitter

Simply search twitter for #rellrunners or click here to see who is talking about #rellsrunners right now!

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What #rellsrunners LOVE about being a #rellsrunner...

#rellsrunners •guidance •support •knowledge •confidence •friendship •fitness •fun •inspiration •advice •balance •challenge – @Jessamy

Amazing support from a fantastic coach & #Rellsrunners all over the country plus achieving things i never thought possible!! – @Emmylou & @nikkimaloo

#rellsrunners I love the focus you have given me plus the huge improvements in running times. Thanks. - @RunMummyRun

#rellsrunners are inspirational women! – @Paulie_Mac

I love the support and the camaraderie #rellsrunners – @Jennunger

That you do the thinking for me and I just have to run! – @Georgieandthree

Biggest thing for me with working with u, is knowing there is something there that truly cares, believes in u, even when u don't believe in yourself Rell, u show us what we can do, u help us believe. - @lisamfarmer

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